About Us


Helping Overseas Students & Young Professionals
Thrive in the United Kingdom


Wailian Overseas Consulting Group (“Wailian”) is dedicated to providing consulting services for Chinese nationals interested in pursuing international investment and/or educational opportunities.

Wailian employs nearly 600 professionals, with 17 locations around the world including the US, Canada, Greece and Hungary.

We are a young, international workforce with an average age of 30 with unmatchable work ethic, vigour and the spirit of innovation.

As a trusted leader in the industry, Wailian has successfully promoted over 70 overseas investment projects to Chinese investors and earned the “Most Trusted Brand” award for 9 consecutive years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help overseas students and young professionals thrive in the United Kingdom. To facilitate this mission, we cultivate the potential in every individual to help them achieve academic excellence and career success by providing a variety of programmes from mentorship to arts and design recourses, counselling for exam readiness, guidance for public school and university application and for relevant post-education career opportunities in the United Kingdom.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform today’s Chinese students into confident, competitive and participating global citizens and leaders. Wailian aims to connect Chinese students with international counterparts and provide access to educational and investment resources in the United Kingdom.


We-Education Provides High Quality Education Opportunities.

We-Education provides high quality education solutions

for the young generation from China to pursue higher

education in the UK


Ling He


Ling He 北大商学院EMBA在读, 有business consulting经验, 在英国生活20余年,在美国,英国,中国都有丰富的工作经验。


Lisa Jiang

Project Manager

雅思考官,MBA, 心理二级咨询师,base 在上海,拥有超过10年教育行业经验,涉及的教育领域包括英国和美国院校的教育项目管理,招生等等。 


Tingting Zhong

Operations Manager

英国排名前10的商学院Lancaster 大学商学院高级市场管理专业毕业,8年英国本土教育和培训行业经验,在英国生活和工作9年。


Jasper Loxton

Product Manager

在中国5生活和工作过5年,他的经历包括教育行业的招生,语言教学,项目管理等。 Jasper从13岁开始就接受英国私立学校教育,对英国的教育系统非常了解。