What do we have to offer

Join our global community of candidates and elite professionals.

Through tailoring a program to fit your needs, we will take you from university into the working world. From student to business professional. From learning to earning! Through our 1-1 consultations, training sessions, VIP services, professional networks and international jobs board – we have all the tools you need to build the career of your dreams.     



candidates already placed across a breadth of industries. Especially in the financial, consulting and technology sector. 


consultants worldwide, available 24 hours a day for a live chat! There to answer all yours questions. E.g. editing your CV and online job applications.


weekly mock interview opportunities, to help you prepare for the real thing!


years average experience across a wide range of industries. From Analysts to Managing Directors – the consultants in our network will share all they have learned with you.


professionals in over 40 industries across the UK, Europe, US and Asia. Providing detailed insights into your target organisations or desired business sector.



What is Career Coaching?

A unique training programme where our professionally trained career coaches and network of career advisors work with a candidate one on one. Mentors will work with you in helping you secure your employment and carve out your best possible career plan. Through mentorship you will learn all the necessary skills and knowledge required; in order to help you land their dream job or internship.


Whatever stage you are at in your professional life, whether you are a fresh graduate or a seasoned businessman - Wailian will ensure you progress in the direction you want.

Why Choose Us?

Global Reputation - Being ‘the best in the business’ allows you peace of mind in the knowledge you will get the very best, no matter your needs.

Extensive Programme – Throughout the process we will provide you with all the knowledge, skills and actions required for you to succeed professionally.

Our Great Friends – We are partnered with the some of the world’s top multinational organisations, including Fortune 500 companies based in the UK and China. Upon completion of the programme, candidates will be recommended to work at these places.




Allen, Morgan Stanley, London

The most amazing thing is mock interview training, my consultant was able to arrange the tutor from the same company and the same position as my top job choice. This is the most reliable direct job-hunting training I could find, their attention to detail, maximised my advantages and helped me standout during the screening. They basically give me a shortcut and I can never thank them enough.


Tracy, Deutsche Bank, Birmingham


When I decided to join this programme, I was purely trying my luck. The consultant absolutely located my weaknesses at the beginning. I felt upset when they my disadvantages were exposed to me. However, precisely because they can make my unique plan and training based, eventually I changed my life.


Olivia, HSBC, London


Before I took the training programme with Wailian, I’d done several training with other agencies, I have to say, Wailian impressed me very much. What makes Wailian unique is, they tailored my training plan since day one, my trainers actually analysed my pros and cons from my point of view, they were like my guardians, supervised and arming me all my way to my ideal position in the investment bank industry. All the best to my trainers!

Diana, Goldman Sachs, Hong Kong

I chose the program when I was studying in UK and really hope to share this

extraordinary platform to all you people. It was not known to many people at the time

but I have to say the team was the best dream team ever and the training was not only

professional but also like real at-desk practice in the office. I couldn’t express my gratitude anymore to the help provided by my mentors. I highly recommend Wailian if you want to gain real insights and expertise the financial industry.


Kevin, Private Equity/Hedge Fund, Beijing


After I graduated, I was frustrated by constant failings in job hunting. I went to this company, because of the consultant Alex’s reputation, I didn't expect that this became a turning point in my life. After chatting with the consultant, I found I made so many mistakes, these mistakes are tiny, not easy to detect, however exactly those details are the biggest obstacles to my success. It is such a shame that I made those mistakes, it is totally due to lack of experience, but not nothing to do with my ability. I'm glad I realised those mistakes with their help and I found a job that I am satisfied with. I suggest the other job hunters take their advice at the earliest stage, it saves your time, and bring success quicker to you.

Alex, Top 2 Consulting, New York

All I want to say is, there is only one way to your success, which is to consult Wailian. (Smiling face). It is true in the entire training, session, I can feel my progress day by day, in my 6 rounds of interviews, I felt unstoppable. I believe it is exactly my trainer’s experience that made me the ideal candidate through the training process. If you already have your goal, Wailian will make it come true.


Susan, Big Four Accounting, London

My experience is complicated; I felt so confused and had no idea about my path after graduation. The more I discussed with my teachers and classmates, the more confused and frustrated I became. Finally, it was my trainer from Wailian that helped me through everything. My trainer introduced all my interesting positions to me in a very straightforward way and enabled me to analyse these positions pros and cons based on my futures career plan and life. They helped me find the most suitable position within the Big 4; I’m so satisfied!

Sherry, Marketing, Luxury Group Paris

My friend recommended this programme to me, and I doubted if they could help, my major is in East Asian culture study and to be honest it is challenging to find a job. I thought at least they could give me some advice or opportunity. Very soon, through training, they provided me with various introductory opportunities, I got the job that I didn’t dare to expect before. I am also thrilled that I made a good start for my career. Thank you very much, you made all of this happen!


VIP Service

For those individuals who are serious about taking advantage of our premium specialist services and would like to further enhance their capabilities and opportunities – we recommend the below options.

Access Job Database

So you want to work at the best places? To do so you will need to ‘get in early’ and see opportunities when they first appear. Through our ‘My Job Tank’ platform, you will be the first to access the top positions at Fortune 500 companies.

Pre-Employment Coaching

Once you have secured a position it doesn’t stop there! This service allows you a final opportunity to prepare for work, so there will be no surprises! Remember there can be many differences between a Chinese and Western workplace, so we will make sure you are aware of everything.

Weekly Professional Language Training

It’s imperative you can ‘talk the talk’ and with this training the focus is on dramatically improving your oral English ability, using professional business language.  This of course will provide you with a greater chance of success at face to face interviews with your potential future employer!  

Mega Material Pack

These materials will provide you with indispensable information, such as CV writing, interview preparation/technique and a guide to networking! These will serve as further reading reinforce everything you have learned from your programme training.

Inside Information

We will put you in touch with industry leaders and insiders, who you will be able to communicate with via WeChat, Skype or on our coaching platforms.  This will keep you ‘in the loop’ regarding the latest opportunities, news, trends and current affairs.

Onsite Visits

Wouldn’t it be great to see where you might like to work? It’s very important you can picture yourself in that environment. We will arrange visits for you so you can get an inside look into that professional environment and a feel of the industry.

Exclusive Reference Letter

After establishing a relationship with an industry professional, they will be able to act as a fantastic personal referee. Providing your employer with a detailed professional character letter, highlighting how great you are!

Exclusive Membership Access

A great way to network and found out what is going on is to visit career events. With this access you will receive discounts or priority bookings at various career events. 

One-to-One Career Consultation

Stage 1

By understanding your professional needs and exactly what kind of person you are, we can make sure you on the right road to your destination.  


Where do you want to go? What makes you, you?


  • Customized Programme Overview - The journey begins! We will start by having in depth discussion with you. First, we shall create a programme bespoke to you and map out exactly what we shall do together. What areas need careful attention?

  • Profile Assessment – We will work together to find out what kind of person you are. Understanding not just your academic and professional background, but also a thorough character assessment. Do you have a dream or vision? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you already suitable for the role you wish to pursue?

  • Mentor Assignment – Having your own mentor is the key to your success. They will guide you through the entire process and be the one to support you through everything. Once industry you would like to work in has been identified, you will be assigned a mentor with expertise in that field. In addition to your main mentor, you will also be assigned 2-3 other associate mentors.

  • Touch of Industry: Company/Position Insights + Recruiting Process Revealed – You will be introduced into what your desired role entails, the culture of your desired company and the organisation or industries specific recruitment process.

CV, Cover Letter & Online Profile

Stage 2

An outstanding CV and Cover Letter will ensure you are at the ‘ when securing a position and taken seriously by your potential employer. It’s also important to have a professional online presence.


How can you show employers the best version of you?


  • CV Editing – The ‘bread and butter’ of every candidate. You must have a good CV! We will ensure you CV will be created and honed to the best possible standard. In order to help you secure your dream position, it’s crucial that your CV is tailored to the role or industry you are applying for.

  • Cover Letter Editing – Crafting the perfect cover letter is another very important step! You will receive various rounds on editing your cover letter(s) until it’s ready to be seen by your potential employer.

  • LinkedIn Profile Enhancement – If you look professional online, you dramatically improve your chances of landing employment. This online professional transparency encourages trust.  A profile will be created/edited in order to create the best online impression. Get yourself noticed!

  • Templates Induction – Software packages such as Microsoft Word have many useful templates used to create professional letters and CVs. These will all be taught to you so you are confident you can create your own professional documents.

Networking Essentials

Stage 3

Successful networking can allow you to find out about new business opportunities and work on your communication skills. It’s also a great way to meet people in your industry, share information and form new relationships.

  • 60-min Networking Skills Coaching – How do you get involved in networking events? Where can you find them? How do you create a great first impression?

  • 60-min Mock Informational Interview – How to engage people, ask questions and provide stimulating answers when networking.

  • Networking E-mail Editing – How do you reach out to people in the business? Is there always a need to be very formal? The fundamentals of this skill will be taught in order to gain vital contacts online. Ask for a casual drink or coffee, not dinner! For example, how to connect with an industry professional, e.g. you read their paper online, can we chat about it?

Online Job Applications

Stage 4

Looking for work online allows you access to many sites and thousands of jobs. It has an enormous reach to providing opportunities around the world. It can be overwhelming however, and you need to learn how to successfully navigate this world.


How do you go about finding work online? Where do you start?

What sites should you visit?


  • Online Application Strategy – You will learn how to find work online. E.g. How to conduct the relevant searches, when should you look for work and how do you consult with recruiters.

  • Open Question Coaching & Brainstorm – The candidate will learn how to answers the various questions online that employers may ask. E.g. What’s your best reason to want to work here? What makes you special?

  • Online Test Coaching – Some employers will require a candidate to complete an online test to assess the abilities that they find important.  For example, a timed test that evaluates your competency manipulating data in Microsoft Excel. You may also be required to take more of a psychometric assessment that requires some lateral or 'out of the box' thinking. These can be very tough!

Interview Preparation & Simulation

Stage 5

This is it! You’ve finally got the chance to meet your prospective employer face to face and let them see how amazing you really are! This is your final hurdle but it also by far the most nerve racking. But with our world class training program by your side, you'll be ready


This part of the recruitment process of course has an emphasis on your oral ability and how well you present yourselves.


How can you be mentally prepared?


  • Interview Preparation: Behavioural Questions – You will practice and prepare to answer questions such as, “How would you handle meeting a strict deadline? or “What do you do if you disagree with a co-worker?”.

  • Interview Preparation: Technical Questions –You will practice and prepare to answer questions such as, “Why are you leaving your company?” or “What’s your biggest weakness?”.


Mock Interviews – As we say, ‘practice makes perfect’. You will have chances to l be able to participate in practice interviews with your mentor. By going through various