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First Class Degree Program

Our flagship program is built for the most discerning of customers, who require the guidance of the most accomplished professionals in the industry

Take on the challenges of Studying Abroad

Our First Class programme is there to give you the guidance and support you need throughout university – outside the classroom setting where’s it the most important. This programme is focused on reaching outstanding academic success and nurturing our students to grow into confident, competitive and active international citizens. (2).gif

Educated from your dream schools, with their practiced knowledge of what it takes. Our tutors can help you thrive too.


We hand pick tutors from some of the best schools in the United Kingdom using strict criteria to find the mentors with the relevant skill sets and education for our students. Many of our tutors are either currently studying or have graduated from Cambridge, Oxford and University College, London.  



Students and tutors will use online video meeting system for their consulting sessions. These meetings can break the time difference and location restriction, offering faster and easier communication between students and tutors. Our tutors are here to help you solve any academic problem, no matter how hard it may be.



We Education’s First Class program is customised for each student. Upon enrolling with us, we will conduct a full-length assessment to better understand your areas of strengths and concerns.  We will then use this evaluation to pair you with a tutor best suited to your needs.  



Our Education Advisors will monitor your progress and provide regular reports and updates to you and your family. We will support you across your entire journey with our closed loop development system and make sure you are always improving your studies and yourself.



Our education consultants will keep in contact between you and our broad and expert team. between then, you will find all the experts you need under one roof. Whether it be immigration counselling or exclusive events and mixers that you need, we have you covered.

Why Choose Us ?

The target of this program is to provide professional advice for students and facilitate their grades. Our tutors are dedicated to solve the problems of students and facilitate their academic success.


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