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Fly high with our Academic Booster

Our flagship program is built for the most discerning of customers, who require the guidance of the most accomplished professionals in the education industry.  Find out more about the programme that could help you achieve top academic results! 

Take on the challenges of Studying Abroad

Our Academic Booster programme is designed to give you the guidance and support you need throughout university – outside the classroom setting - where we believe it is most important. This programme is focused on reaching outstanding academic success and nurturing our students to grow into confident, competitive and active global citizens. (2).gif

Engage when you want to

Students and tutors use online video meeting systems for their class sessions. This overcomes the challenges of time differences or remote locations, offering faster and easier communication between you and your tutor. Our tutors are here to help you solve any academic problem, no matter how hard it may seem.


Develop Your Skills

Our Education Advisors will monitor your progress and provide regular reports and updates to you and your family. We will support you across your entire journey with our closed loop development system and make sure you are always improving your studies and yourself. We tailor our support to your needs and work with you to find the best study solutions for you.  


Customise Your Programme

We Education’s Academic Booster programme is customised for each student. Upon enrolling with us, we will conduct a full-length assessment to better understand your areas of strengths and concerns.  We will then use this evaluation to pair you with the tutor(s) best suited to your needs.  


Use our Expertise

We have a highly experienced expert team, with our staff coming from top schools and universities as well as those with experience in education consultancy for students. With us you will find all the experts you need under one roof! Whether it is immigration counselling, legal advice, study skills development, exam preparation or exclusive events that you need, we have you covered.

Why Choose Us ?

Our Academic Booster programme definitely aims to help students achieve the best grades, but we offer much more than simply tutoring - we offer a complete service to students studying for UK qualifications including university and school application advice, visa advice, development of study skills, introduction to becoming an independent learner and Academic English courses. Our tutors and teaching assistants are all dedicated to solve problems for our students and facilitate their academic success.


We Can Help You With..

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